Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bad morning

This morning I was visited by a police officer from Meridian Township. She was "following up" on a complaint our neighbor made a month ago.
The night my mom died, a friend of mine was taking care of Pogo, who was staying at our house. Well from 10:30 until 11 (apparently) Pogo was in the backyard barking. My friend told me she stopped over during this time and he stopped.

However, a few days later I recieved a letter in my mailbox indicating that "we were very inconsiderate of our neighbors to leave or dog out barking from 10:30 until 11. " I know specifically which neighbor it came from, because this is the only neighbor that refuses to talk to anyone. We know all our other neighbors by name and talk to the often, so they were aware of the situation. And if this neighbor wants to play games, I had a few reasons I could have called the police on them - but I won't get into that.

But it was very upsetting to be greated by an officer ready to right me a ticket. I explained to her the situation (and told her to confirm it, if she wanted, with a good friend of ours who is a police officer at Meridian Twp). She apologized, hearing that the reason Pogo was at our house and barking that night was because we were at the hospice that night because my mom had passed away. She said not to worry about it, but I am.

It seems that no matter where you live, no matter who you are, you will have conlficts with a neighbor. I'm just trying to do what's good and right and live my life the best I can. Its hard to do when other people, who don't even know you, try to put you down. Maybe if she was so worried about the dog barking, she could have come over and ask if everything was okay, instead of leaving a nasty letter and calling the police. There are certainly much better ways to go about it.

Anyway, I just needed to vent so that I can get back to studying and school. Sigh.


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Lynda said...

Just remember it is not your problem, it is your neighbors problem. I would bet totally annoyed myself.

Poor Pogo was probably going through his own difficult time. At least your other neighbors understood this. (Sounds like Grumpy Gus doesn't talk to them either!)

At 8:59 AM, Blogger Julie said...

yep, there are crazy, nosey, stupid people all over the place. That's why we purchased a house on 5 acres. Not only do we not want to think about ours we don't want to see them. It's working okay so far, except for the fact that our neighbors who live 1,000 feet behind us, have ingress and egress on our property. It's like having little road close to the house. We're hoping to change the direction of their driveway in the next few years.


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