Thursday, September 28, 2006

Things that remind me of Mom

  • Big coffee cups, the really wide one's that fill up your hands
  • Coffee, in general
  • Lake Michigan
  • Good gossip
  • Laughing
  • Walking the dogs
  • Jello popsicles (the homemade kind)
  • Beautiful art

Feel free to add to the list :)


At 8:05 PM, Blogger Julie said...

Good advise
Lots of Laughing
Intelligence (she always amazed me with how much she knew about everything)
Definately Coffee
"It's 10 to 12"
Virgin Mary night lights
"I'll give you a voucher."
"Why yes, yes you can."

At 10:42 PM, Blogger Lynda said...

I only knew Lynne through her blog, but every time you meantion Traverse City, it makes me think of how she loved going up there, dogs make me think of Lynne because we have that in common, when I talk about my sister's lung cancer, I also think of Lynne, and hearing a good joke.

I think a lot of her fighting spirit, and how she would get mad, but apologize for getting mad when she had better reason than some to get mad. I think about how much she loved her family and that even though she told me she lost everything she had, she was still the riches person because her children, her sisters, and her family were always there for her. She never seemed to be alone, like I first thought she was.

She loved greatly and greatly loved.

(Sorry, it isn't really a list. I hope this doesn't sound too hokey.)

At 11:56 AM, Blogger Aunt Marsha said...

Teddy bears.
plastic Easter toys, Easter baskets.
good coffee, she always had the best at her house.
When we were little,playing with toys. Playing we were horses, we each had a corral, one under the dining room table, one under another table, and two bowls for us to eat out of. Sometimes she was a person and would get a ride.
Her sneaking across the road while looking back to see if anyone saw her, when she was about four, to knock on Mrs. Fox's door to ask for ice cream. I was way too shy to do that.
Us sharing Kanga and Roo that our Mother made for Christmas.
Taking walks far in the woods while pulling our favorite bears and Kanga and Roo in the wagon, to have a picnic. Sitting on the high bank of the creek eating warm purple grapes right off the vines.
Just a few memories of when we were little, we were always together.

At 3:46 AM, Blogger Ash said...

Teddy Bears (the ones she used to make herself)
Virgin Mary night lights of course, lol
paintings and art
hershey kisses


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